Tarot Readings by Shawnne Tessman-Mc Kenna
Shawnne Mc Kenna I have provided private readings to family and friends for over 40 years. I have also offered my services to the public through several Internet sites such as Psychic Power Newtork, Keen and a few other. I am now offering to do private readings for past, current and new clients through email or chat.

I am originally from Minnesota and I lived in NJ for a few years with my husband. We were in Memphis for about a year and a half. In that time, I read for numerous private clients as well as several online services. In September 2009, I read for an event at Memphis art museum, the Brooks Museum. I have been back in MN for about a year now.

My readings are down to earth, realistic, and to the point. I try to take something which seems mysterious and bring it down to a practical level
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You can pay for a reading through Paypal. Using this form, please tell me the approximate time you want you reading (I am located in the US Central Time Zone), click on the Buy Now button, you will be taken to Paypal's secure site. (You don't need a Paypal account for this.) I will email you back and we will setup a time and venue. I use Yahoo and MSN chat
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